About Heartful Cards

It's all about the message...!

The aim with Heartful Cards is to make it easy to send love through the post. Little packages of loving, inspiring, encouragement and care in an envelope.

You've probably seen the scientific research that demonstrates sending a card through the post with words of love and support boost the wellbeing and mental health of the person receiving it far more than a message sent by email. There is something special about getting a card that we can hold in our hand and look at over again that makes us feel truly cared for and valued. It diminishes isolation and enhances connection. In fact, given that greeting cards are in a way small things...they have a lot of power to create a positive influence. They have been shown to diminish isolation and enhance connection which in turn helps alleviate depression and anxiety. 

Mental Health experts also recognise that the sender of an inspiring, supportive card benefits as well as the one receiving it. We get a rush of feelgood vibes when we think of someone we care about and send them a message of kindness, fun, love or encouragement. 


Heartful Cards are designed to be the perfect way to send feelgood through the post in ways that bring happiness to both sender and reciever...with a focus words that bring an instant smile to the face and a warmth to the heart.

More About The Cards

The Heartful Cards Collection includes

75 cards over 5 ranges.

The Birthday Range

The Occasions Range 

The Love Notes Range 

The Inspirational Range 

The Support and Sympathy Range 

The cards are blank inside and are

printed on fine quality board that is 

a pleasure to write on. They are

accompanied by a coloured

envelope. We use FSC approved

board and cello bags that can be


We support the efforts of the greeting card industry to offer printing and packaging that cares for our planet so we are exploring other options regarding presentation and wrap for the cards. We would love to know your thoughts on this too..! What is important to you? How do you want the cards you sell to be offered...cello wrapped, 'naked' or with the innovative new Kard Klasp?

More About Us

Heartful Cards is built on the teamwork of Josie Wood and Jack Nattress. As partners in life, it’s an added bonus that we love working together too.


We think we make a pretty good team…! Here's a bit more information about each of us.

Josie Wood

Josie has been passionate about supporting people through her career as a Counsellor and Transformational Coach for over 25 years. She could hardly imagine doing anything else until she discovered she also loved writing. That has flourished in various ways over the past few years…leading to the launch of Heartful Cards which combines aspects of both. Alongside creating the cards Josie enjoys visiting the wildly beautiful coasts of Scotland, dancing (if there is music playing, she’s dancing) and singing…in a choir, in the kitchen, at a concert – singing her heart out.

Jack Nattress

After training as an accountant and a career in managing large IT projects – Jack is well placed to handle the accounting and systems side of Heartful Cards, making sure everything runs smoothly for a service you can rely on. With his love of literature and the written word generally and an interest in art, he is also the perfect advisor to Josie as she designs the cards. When he’s not got his head in a novel or learning new chords on his beginner's guitar Jack loves walking in the Yorkshire Dales and anywhere near the sea.

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