Greeting Cards for Speaking Your Heart

created by Transformational Coach Josie Wood





Sometimes deep

sometimes playful…

always from the heart.

Cards that are...

Hello, I'm Josie and I'm thrilled to share my cards with you. Designing these cards is at the top of my list of favourite things to do (along with walks by the sea, dancing under the stars and reading a great novel).


I love creating the cards because it gives me such pleasure to help people speak their hearts to their partners, friends, family and anyone else they want to send a loving boost to.

In some ways, a card is only a small thing (unless you also put £1000 in the envelope)...but it can mean so much to a person to know they are cared about enough for someone to pick out a card with a special message...and my passion is to help people do that in ways that really spread the love, support and inspiration.


The vision for these cards comes through my work as a Transformational Coach - in seeing what a difference it makes to people when they feel supported, cared for and encouraged. Also, I see how it helps them when they are inspired by possibilities, rather than burdened by challenges...and how a simple heartfelt message can often spark that inspiration. 

I continue to love working with clients as a coach and it thrills me to experience the way these two aspects of my work weave together. If you would like to find out more about the coaching side of my work here is the website

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